Job opportunity:

R & D Technician 
Responsibilities description: 
1. R & D personnel training electrolyte, the electrolyte is mainly engaged in research and development work. 
Job requirements: 
1. the industry veteran, has R & D capabilities of electrolyte and fruitful.
2. graduates, school scores, skilled use of office software, related professional knowledge of basic chemistry solid, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, electrochemistry has some academic research and development.
3. English language, reading proficiency; proficient in office software.
4. be able to work under pressure and overtime work.
Electronic Technology Application Engineer 
The main job responsibilities: 
1.can be converters, inverters with customers, servo power supply or power machine design and technological exchanges.
2. understand the requirements of customers in the development of technology and business, and answer technology-related products or products with application-related issues raised by customers.
3. to help customers make the selection, to assist customers for circuit design and analysis.
4. participation and resolve customer complaints. 
Job requirements: 
1. a solid knowledge of electronic circuits, in converters, inverters, servo or power supply equipment, machine design over three years of work experience. 
2. the electronic related professional graduates, college or higher education, and skilled use of office software. 
3. strong communication skills, good communication. 
4. able to travel and can work under pressure. 
Other Description: 
1. this post does not recruit graduates.
Super capacitor technology engineer 
1. college education, with more than two years of relevant work experience.
2. there is a super capacitor production, R & D work experience, can set up a super capacitor production line and production team. 
3. familiar with the ultra-capacitor applications. 
4. there is a certain communicative competence, innovative spirit, good guidance and training subordinates. 
5. there are super-power module technology plus.
Responsibilities description: 
1. to understand the company operating procedures, understand trade with a single process.
2. with fluent English to communicate with overseas customers.
3. by mail, telephone, exhibitions, etc. contact the customer, there are opportunities to go abroad.
4. responsible for the daily maintenance of the corporate network platform. 
1. English language, six priority fluency, courage and customer communication. 
2. electronic products of foreign trade experience, have some understanding of industrial components.
3. skilled use of Office software, there is a network admin experience.
4. hard-working, and sometimes need to follow the customer's time zone to adjust working hours.
How to apply:

        Please send your resume to: (E-mail Subject Requirement: Name+Degree+Major+Position applied)
        TEL:  0755-8352610
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